We will talk about all of the details of the services you are wanting and expecting, and how we can make it happen.
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Phone Number
Wedding Date
What is your budget for wedding photography?
How many images will I recieve?
I promise 65 edits per hour. I have a hard time choosing 65 and often give many more. In case I miss any good photos I send you all of the originals as well.
So you recieve every image that I take on your big day.

Do we have full copyrights?
YES!! Honestly you are paying me to take your images, they're yours in every way, shape, and form in my opinion! I give you a full copyright waiver.

How will the images be delivered to us?
I have found the best way to get you all of your super high resolution images in the purest form is through online delivery. I will upload them to my site where you can download them all directly to your phone and computer. You can send the link to anyone to download as many times as you want!

How long until we get our images back?
I try to be super timely with my editing. This is my full time job and I have NEVER taken longer than 3 weeks to return images. Usually I finish them within a week.

When do I pay?
Full balance is due before I will deliever your images to you. I don't ask for payment until I have finished your images. 

Do you ask for a deposit?
Yes, I ask for a $350 deposit to save your wedding date so that I know you are serious and I can turn down other business for your wedding day.
The $350 isn't an excra charge it goes towards your final payment.

How do I pay?
I take cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal!

Where should I print?
Walgreens, Walmart, Cosco ect. do not print RGB very well. Your images will have a strange tint. I would suggest using mpix.com or shutterfly.com