1. Ash+Brandon Bridals in Northern California
    28 Dec, 2017
    Ash+Brandon Bridals in Northern California
    These two have become two of my best friends. They took a road trip to my home to take photos outside of the snow in Utah. I was so happy to host them and to show them around the beautiful scenery in Northern California. I am in love <3
  2. Ben+Athena Engagements
    23 Dec, 2017
    Ben+Athena Engagements
    I am so in love with the beaches in Northern California. My new home <3
  3. San Fransisco Mini Shoot
    23 Dec, 2017
    San Fransisco Mini Shoot
    San Fransisco....<3
  4. Mr & Mrs. Nelson
    04 Dec, 2017
    Mr & Mrs. Nelson
    It stopped raining just long enough for their ceremony... The ceremony where sweet Becca followed an unexpected duck down the isle. These two had so much love and energy at their party of a wedding and I wish I could photograph it again and again and again! So much fun.
  5. Dan+Brytaney
    03 Dec, 2017
    Dreamiest Ceremony of 2017. These two exchanged rings at SUNSET on the LAKE. Heart eyes times 4,000....
  6. Ash+Brandon
    02 Dec, 2017
    Getting stuck in the sand isn't so bad when you're with these two adorable humans... <3